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I’ve been writing off and on through this blog for a few years now (mostly off) and now I’m starting on a new project with my partner Kristl called Sustainably Queer.  That doesn’t mean that I will not be posting on Life By ImageWandering, because it is still my blog; the only one that belongs entirely to me.  So, if I have something to post that is unrelated to sustainable living and our experience with it, I will post it in here.  However, we are off to a strong start on Sustainably Queer and I really think that if you have enjoyed my writing over here, you will still enjoy it over there. 

We’ve posted four entries thus far, the first being about our experience with the Chicago Food Swap (it was awesome), then a catalog post of what we do to earn the “sustainable” title.  The two most recent posts have been about stock from scraps and pickles from scraps, respectively.

Please check it out and add it to your reader.  Follow us on twitter @sustainablyQ and keep an eye out for a forthcoming Facebook page.  All this is to say there is gonna be some serious action going on on sustainablyqueer.com and I’m excited for you to join the discussion.

Thanks friends!  And I hope you enjoy Sustainably Queer!


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